Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Big Tip

Each year at Christmas our family has a tradition. We eat out very close to Christmas, usually the day before and usually for dinner. The dinner part is strategic. You see it's at dinner time that the sun begin to go down and those outside the restaurant are generally not able to be seen by those inside.

There is not anything too special about what we have to eat. For several years it was at the Purple Cow so we had burgers. This year, since both boys were working, Jen, Emma and I went to IHOP (Emma's request). Like I said, there is nothing special about where we eat.

We prefer to leave a tip after our server thinks that we have completed payment. Always in cash! The tricky part is paying attention to how the tables are bussed. This year it was the nearest person. Our plan was not to tip the nearest person, but specifically our waitress. So, whereas in the past we'd leave the tips in a somewhat obvious spot, it would always be hidden enough for us to get outside and enjoy the sight. This year we had Emma take a tightly folded stack of money directly to the waitress. The only visibly bill was of low value. The waitress nicely thanked her headed behind the partition to her post. Meanwhile Jen and I watched from outside. We got to see her jump excitedly and run to tell her friend about the big tip she'd gotten. Emma got to hear all of this on her way out of the restaurant.

As we drove off we imagined how out waitress might be able to do something special with that extra cash. At the very least we thought she'd be that much nicer to people for the remainder of the night.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hollywood: What about us?

I watch TV and enjoy it... at least I did. I am totally behind the writers and so have waited patiently. What I don't understand is why it's ok to keep the TV season as if it was being "re-joined already in progress". As in tough luck. Sorry you were bored to death for a couple of months but we won't be bringing your favorite show back and if we do it will only be a few episodes. Don't worry we'll bring them back in the fall... you know after the Olympics are over.

This all makes me wonder if I can sue the television networks for failing to entertain?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why Church

Does anyone know why we have Church? I know one answer is our parents went. Really, there must be a reason. I believe we come together to worship. On the other hand... whener two or more are gathered in his name, they praise him... right? So then why Church?

In the past year, my family has been blesses by our Church family. We've had some trying times, especially the last few months. Our friends have been HUGE in our lives. They have feed us, cleaned our house, stepped up to teach, produced another great year of VBS and even taken my wife nd I out for a 'mental health night'. I haven't even mentioned the help with taking care of our children.

What a better testament could we have than friends like these? I can't imagine. How would we have these friends if not for Church? This brings me to my only conclusion for 'why Church'. It is the relationships.

We build each other up, protect one another and even clean the toilet of someone who needs it. I often hear how my Church doesn't do enough outreach or enough benevolence or a hundred other things the church doesn't do or provide. Let's not forget the one thing it does provide that is bigger than all of those. It provides each of us the opportunity to 'love one another'. If you choose to truely take part in it, you are family.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ask A Ninja: Least Favorite

I see this Guy as Trey.. but it's not.

A Ninja's Least Favorite

Monday, September 25, 2006

Farewell September

Another month nearly gone. I was reminded last week (again) that I haven't posted in some time.

It occured to me this morning that I have done a dis-service to the Crowley Church of Christ. They changed their sign some time ago, but I never updated my blog to reflect this. It appears that they are waiting for me to give them the press that my blog provides them. They have also nearly missed all of September. So today I changed my blog.

I hope the folks at Crowley Church of Christ can forgive me...

Monday, July 31, 2006

PVR Greatness or Curse?

We got a PVR (DVR/ Tivo like device) a few years ago. My first thought was how great it was to not have to worry about finding a blank VCR tape when I recorded a show. Truth was most shows were not worthy of such attention from me. It was always a hassle. Over the year I have learned to appreciate it much much more. I love to pause.. go do something.. and return where I was.

In the last year I have noticed the PVR has given me some type of affliction. I have a type of 'jump-back syndrome'. In my head I feel like everthing should be able to jump back 5 seconds. This all started in the car. I change radio stations a lot. I wwould hear the end of a weather forcast and reach out to the radio to 'jump back'. I don't have the ability to do this with my radio. It is a side effect of my PVR illness. At one point I started thinking about how I could develope this idea into a product. I soon realized that, unlike my TV PVR, I didn't want to jump back on the station I was listening to but any station I may turn it to. That is a very different problem. For now it is just a frustration.
Last night at Church, we attended a dinner. Some people spoke. Most of it was quite humorous. I turned to look at something going on and missed what was said and immediately thought how can I jump back to hear the joke. Basically this has entered my life as something I think about often.

Do you think God does this when we do something funny?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Fame, Glory or Downright Shame?

I got a fever... And the only prescription is more cowbell!